Overnight Oats

  Recently I have really taken to eating overnight oats. (Basically just soaked oats in milk with lots of yummy toppings.) They leave me feeling energized, they are quick and easy to prepare and seriously yummy too!   To be honest I would eat them any time of day, not just for breakfast!   They [...]

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Sports Nutritional Advisor

I have decided to study to become an advisor in sports nutrition, I already have quite a lot of nutritional knowledge from my degree and interests, however I want to build on this knowledge and be able to provide people with dietary advice too. I don’t have much free time at the moment, although I [...]

Sports Nutritional Advisor2016-08-10T09:00:56+01:00

End of my Vegan Month

And so my vegan month has finally come to an end! I think I actually managed it fairly successfully. Sticking to being vegan pretty much the whole time with the exception of a couple of poached eggs and banana pancakes midway through my holiday as I couldn’t quite resist and the flight food as it [...]

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Over half way through my Vegan month

I am well into the 3rd week of being vegan now, I'm not going to lie, I think I started craving eggs and fish for the first time ..... We  stayed in a luxury retreat and the breakfast selection was incredible and I did manage to choose the vegan option of oatmeal with soy milk, [...]

Over half way through my Vegan month2016-06-29T23:39:48+01:00

Vegan week 1 complete

I've been vegan for over a week now and I'm actually beginning to think that this could be a permanent change for me .... I think that I've been incredibly lucky to be with a vegan friend all week and also to be in Bali where the vegan food is everywhere and so so yummy. [...]

Vegan week 1 complete2016-06-24T02:36:06+01:00

1st few days vegan ….

The first 3days of veganism has actually gone really well for me, being In Ubud has significantly helped especially given the amazing restaurants that we have been too that have a wide variety of vegan foods to choose from! The only slight difficultly had been with breakfast, we are staying in a homestay at the [...]

1st few days vegan ….2016-06-19T04:22:58+01:00

My vegan month

I have been asked a number of times whether I have ever considered becoming vegan, and to be totally honest it's not something I have been particularly keen on doing, mainly because I love fish and I love eggs! Oh and also I thought it might be quite hard to consume enough overall calories and [...]

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Quick low down on SUGAR

Most people are aware of the bad press about sugar these days, but what does all this info really mean… and are all sugars really that bad…. So this sugar business can be really confusing... right?! Firstly sugar is a carbohydrate and therefore a good source of energy and therefore not all sugar is bad! [...]

Quick low down on SUGAR2016-05-10T11:09:02+01:00

Protein Pancakes

Despite the fact uni is so busy at the moment (typical 3rd year heavy workload and a lot of group work…) I’m actually quite enjoying it! The modules are somehow quite interesting and me being a fitness fanatic, I love going to the gym as a nice break away from work. To add to this, [...]

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Chicken Ragu

I haven’t posted a recipe in a while so I thought I would share with you my made up mid week store cupboard leftovers lunch of Chicken Ragu! Basically I had a roast chicken at the beginning of the week (not Sunday.... please don’t judge me!) and seen’s as at uni I only normally cook [...]

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