10 Ways to stop Procrastinating

We only have 24hrs in a day, therefore what you do with your time- will determine what you get out of your life and how you reach your goals. So I want to share with you some of the top things that will help you become more productive and stay on track with your life. [...]

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The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people

Successful people take ownership for everything they do, they stop blaming other people for what they do or don’t have. They have the ability to realize they are the only person stopping themselves achieving their goals and equally they are the only person capable of achieving their goals and vision in life. Norman Vincent Peale [...]

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Achieving everything we want in life

Everyone is capable to achieve exactly what they want in life, it’s all about the mindset and if you are ready for it. As I a laying here in the beautiful warm sunshine of Bali, I ask myself how did I get here, why am I so lucky to be here living my dream, I’m [...]

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Is your gut bacteria hindering your weight loss?

New research has suggested Gut Bacteria giving you more energy might also be responsible for your weight gain, regardless of whether you are following a strict diet and training program (Muñiz Pedrogo et al., 2018). Obviously every one loses weight differently and in different areas, but the recent study suggested that some peoples ability to [...]

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Life is what you create it to be, there are no short cuts to success, if you want something enough, you will work for it. If that means turning down that party you wanted to go to down on a Friday night, then so be it. Your true friends will understand and stick by you. [...]



I’ve just heard about the concept of Ikigai, for me it certainly came about at the right time. I’ve been travelling for nearly a month now and at first struggled quite a lot with it. The main reason being that as always, I seem to live in the future. And not knowing what I would [...]


Where is next ?

My friend left during the night to catch her flight home. Now I’m solo. As much as its great to have a friend out here for a holiday, I do enjoy travelling solo. It’s a chance to see, do, explore and meet new people on your own terms. So where’s next for me ? [...]

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Onto Ubud

The last couple of days have been a little ropey; that first night when we had dinner in Ubud my friend came away with some bad food poisoning. Probably just as well we were staying in a 5star hotel as at least it was fairly comfortable for the unfortunate event. Now 2 days on, she [...]

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Seminyak and Jungle

Now properly into holiday mode, I have only been in Bali for 4 days,  it feels like it could be an age(in a good way). We stayed in Seminyak the first 3 days and had a lovely relaxing couple of days in Puta villa Hotel and Spa. The hotel had a lovely swimming pool amazing [...]

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Flight and Bali Arrival

Day1 11/09/2018 Do I look forward to flying ? No way, Do I find it boring yes, is the food really that terrible ? actually nope, its been pretty good and how do I make it through an 18hr flight? to be honest, I don’t really no …… I think endless fidgeting, loo stops, movies [...]

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