Fitness Model Prep

Prep Round 2 The last couple of months living in Thailand have been incredible. I am now back in Bali and really looking forwards to another brilliant month, in the warmth by the sea.  I have a lot of work to do, but it honesty doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do [...]

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Beginners Handstands

Over the past couple of years when street performing, the number of people asking me about ‘how I can learn to handstand’ has been quite astonishing! Seems like everyone would love to be able to do a handstand these days! So, I have decided to created a basic guide of the main areas to focus [...]

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Plyometrics for Triathletes

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I have changed my training because I am now aiming to compete in triathlons. This means instead of weights training to bulk up and increase my 1 rep max, I am training more cardio and my weights sessions are focusing on musclular endurance (lifting lighter weights for [...]

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Why you should train cardio?

  As much as I love weights training, I have actually really enjoyed adding cardio back into my training.   I went through a long period of time when I was pretty much only weight’s training and as much as I managed to significantly increase my muscle mass and strength; I was just feeling quite [...]

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1000Rep Challenge

I can't believe we’re already into Feb and I’ve only written one blog post this year! This last month has just been so incredibly busy, I feel like I’ve hardly had time to think, let alone begin to blog!   I’m not complaining as I absolutely love what I do (Personal Training) I work with [...]

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Fully Qualified Personal Trainer

I can’t quite believe that 6 weeks have passed already. I’ve just finished my PT course, so am now super excited to start training my first clients! I’ve been extremely lucky to have met such an amazing group of fellow Personal Trainers during the course and will definitely be staying in touch with them all [...]

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Personal Trainer

WHAT DO I OFFER? Free Initial Consultation  Personal Training sessions Tailored training plans Nutritional advice Specialist in Gymnastics training, Flexibility training, and Hand Balance LET ME HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS !

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