Recently I have really taken to eating overnight oats. (Basically just soaked oats in milk with lots of yummy toppings.) They leave me feeling energized, they are quick and easy to prepare and seriously yummy too!


To be honest I would eat them any time of day, not just for breakfast!


They are ridiculously versatile and can taste just like a dessert. I’ve created bowls that pretty much replicate chocolate chip cookie dough, mixed berry parfait, and banoffee pie. I seriously don’t know what’s taken me so long to discover them.


Their magic doesn’t just stop there; they are also easier to digest than having cooked oats. This is because the starches break down as a result of the soaking process (acts as a long slow kind of cooking process) and this makes their nutrients easier to absorb into the body.

As well as this they are high in resistance starch and resistant starch helps decrease insulin levels leaving you feeling fuller for longer, with better digestion and improved weight.

The basis of overnight oats is always oats and milk and to this, you can add pretty much whatever takes your fancy, this is one of my favourite recipes.

1 mashed banana

40g oats

150ml milk of your choice

1/2 scoop of strawberry protein powder (optional)

25g blueberries

1tsp cocoa nibs or dark chocolate

1tsp mixed seeds

1tsp goji berries

1tsp bee pollen

Mix the oats and milk together, place in the fridge and soak overnight. In the morning add all the other ingredients and mix together. Then enjoy your yummy breakfast!