Chickpeas, lentils and all different kinds of beans are great sources of protein and iron, are high in soluble fiber that helps to lower blood cholesterol and contain and a lot of vitamins and minerals.

I think that they are brilliant replacements to meat in recipes giving excellent texture and taste, bulking out recipes and providing good nutritional benefits.

They also happen to be gluten free! This is brilliant news for my family as my dad is coeliac. They are so cheap to buy too!

You can buy them dried or in tins. Dried you normally need to make sure you soak and cook them according to the instructions first, whereas the tins are so quick and easy to use.

Just 3 tablespoon= 1 of your 5 a day and if you eat for example 100g butterbeans they = 40% of your daily dietary fiber.

So whether you are making Lentil dhal, Chickpea curry or mixed bean Chilli, don’t hesitate to cut out the meat and use PULSES instead as they are really good for you brilliant for your budget and taste delicious too!