We only have 24hrs in a day, therefore what you do with your time- will determine what you get out of your life and how you reach your goals.

So I want to share with you some of the top things that will help you become more productive and stay on track with your life.

  1. Clarity and take action- you need to be clear on what it is you want to achieve and take actions to get you to your goals, you will find the more actions you take, the clearer your vision or goal becomes. For example if you are after weight loss, measure you weight every week and have a target weight you want to achieve. That way you have clarity of your end goals and you can see progress each week as you lose the next lb.
  2. Remove vagueness from all areas of life! – Usually vagueness is down to low self-esteem. Instead replace this vagueness with clarity- clear-cut vision on what you are doing and why you are doing it.
  3. Plan each day in advance and then sequence your tasks. If you don’t have a sequence of tasks you are leaving your life open for others to tell you what to do. – This will lead you in the wrong direction and you will go off track. Organize your task based on highest, best and fastest route to get you to your desired outcome.
  4. Consider the consequences- develop long range thinking – every action you take has a short term effect and long term effect –something small that you do everyday can build up over time and it will be positive or negative. For example if you consume 1 chocolate bar everyday, in the short run you might get joy out of it, but in the long run when you are 5kg heavier you might not be so happy. I strongly suggest you read the slight edge as it explains the concept of the compound effect in a lot more detail.
  5. Focus on KPI’s (Key performance indicators)– what are the indicators that let you know that your business or life is moving in the right direction.
  6. Obey the law of forced efficiency- you can only do one thing at a time- no multitasking! This might be contrary to what a lot of people tell you, but if you want to do some thing effectively and efficiently- especially if it’s a highly skilled task, you should devote all your time to that given task- not spreading it between 5 things at once! Determine the most valuable use of your time right now and work on that.
  7. Put pressure on yourself- be a leader and be able to work without supervision. True leaders lead themselves first. It’s great to have someone else for accountability, but equally as a leader develops you should learn to also be self-accountable. I would suggest looking for ways you can develop core leader ship skills, as these skills are so valuable in all aspects of life.
  8. Maximize personal powers- physical emotional and mental – e.g. exercise, good food and surrounding yourself with the right people- investment in your future living in the ‘now’, enjoy every aspect of your journey. – if you are doing things that drain energy, look for ways you can remove this. Look at things you can do to train yourself to produce high levels of power.
  9. Motivate yourself into action- learn what motivates you and use those things going forward to reach your goals. For me I find it incredibly important to be around other like-minded people who are motivated to achieve success in life, they have a burning desire, passion and are excited and this helps me drive myself into action.
  10. Do the most difficult task first- focus on the activities that require the highest level of concentrated force first.