I cant believe we are almost at the end of another year ! 2018 has been absolutely magnificent, turning 24 (the age I always said would be the best year of my life, simply because its my favorite number, yes I know it’s rather silly). 2019 I have so many incredible plans and goals in the pipeline. I still have another couple of weeks in Oxford before heading back to Asia and I still have so many amazing people to meet up with, Christmas with the family, lots of training, coffee shop visits and working on my passion to achieve my vision. I have had a couple of Christmas meals this week and a night out with friends on Saturday.

A couple of years ago I created vision boards of travelling the world and it wasn’t until this week I rediscovered them and realized that so many of things on my vision board, that I made prior to university have been ticked off.

I have now created a new vision Board (a board with pictures of my dreams, my imagination, and things I want to achieve in my life). If you can see where you want to go, you will get there!

As the title of this post suggests, its all about a new year coming up and with this I urge you all to create a vision board, the first step to achieving great things is to see where you want to go.