From August 2016- June 2018 I was pretty much on a constant bulk. I wanted to increase muscle mass, so I could lift heavier weights and I also wanted to increase muscle mass because in the back of my mind, I always thought that I would compete in fitness modelling (I did in September 2018) and for this I needed to have built a decent amount of mass to look in the best shape possible. So I embarked on my long bulk and managed to gain 14kg going from a tiny 42kg- 56kg.

I am very happy that I bulked up as I was too tiny at 42kg. However when I reached 56kg, I did not feel comfortable, I felt my face was very bloated and for my bone structure, like I was carrying more weight that I wanted to.

For someone wanting to compete and who was super skinny, it was more than necessary for me to bulk to this degree. Then I started an 8week cut prior to competing. My competiton weight was 51.5kg.

Now I have no desire to return to 56kg and have actually lost a couple of kg post competing so i am around 49kg and feel good at this weight. I am no longer looking to compete and instead my only priority is handbalancing. For this I find it is better being lighter.

What I want to do now, is more of a personal experiment with different diets. I want to try out 6 different diets over 6 months (1 diet per month) and my aim is to see what diet leaves me feeling the most energised and productive for work and training.

I think it will be a very interesting experiment to see if and how the type of food I am consuming or the time of day I am consuming the food, effects my energy levels. I aim to keep other lifestyle factors as similar as possible throughout the experiment, as this will ensure that the experiment is as fair as possible. (To note this experiment is based on my own opinion and not scientific evidence).

The diets I a going to try out, are all very popular diets and I know of quite a few people that live by each diet.

I also know that for people after weight gain or weight loss its simply a case of (well at least for the majority of people) calories in vs calories out.

However, I am not after weight loss or weight gain, therefore, I am not going to be doing too much calorie counting (especially as I am currently living in asia and eating out most of the time). I simply want to see the effects diet has on my mood, energy levels work and training ability.

I am starting with the fasting diets for Jan and Feb as these are the easiest diets to implement whilst in Thailand.

The 6 Month diet plan

Month 1

16/8 intermittant fasting diet

Month 2

OMAD diet (one meal a day)

Month 3

Plant based vegan diet

Month 4

Paleo diet

Month 5


Month 6

Alkaline diet

I will be documenting what I am eating, how I am feeling, how it is effecting my productivity, mood, energy and training. And also explaining each diet in more detail, so you know what it entails.

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I would also love to hear from you, if you have any experience with any of the diets.