I am pretty much at the end of my Gap year after uni and have to admit the past month I’ve had a bit of a wobble about what I wanted to do next.

I find it difficult as soon as I start to feel complacent with something and yes that’s the point I have reached.

Looking back at the year, I’ve achieved a lot. Becoming a personal trainer, meeting lots of new and lovely people, pushing myself outside my comfort zone (teaching group exercise classes, now my favorite thing!) and achieving personal goals: gaining a lot of strength and bulking up 10kg!

I did always say to myself personal training was going to just be a gap year job though, so what next…..

After a lot of thinking and reflection, I’ve come to realize that  I’m in the minority that actually enjoys their job, do I really want to give this up?

I’m self-employed, so although I am very busy at times with clients, I do have the freedom to be flexible with work; for example, in the summer I can take longer holidays (when my clients go away) and means I can go traveling !

I recently read a book ‘Goodbye things on minimalist living’ It got me thinking about the what is really important to me and what makes me happy. We live in a consumer-driven world and the book emphasizes how materialism doesn’t actually make you happy. I have to admit I think this has a lot of truth.

So instead, we should focus on things that ‘really add value to our lives’ leading a simpler and less cluttered life.

What’s important to me:


Seeing Family and Friends

Good Coffee and of course


If I can have a lifestyle that allows me to enjoy all these aspects then what more can I ask for.

So I’ve decided, for the next year, I will continue to personal train whilst growing my Knowledge in Calisthenics/bodyweight training and Flexibility to pass on to my clients. I aim to grow and develop business.

I’m also going traveling for a month August to South East Asia (super exciting!) and I’ve set my sporting goals for the next year too.

I would suggest that you all sit down and reflect on what truly makes you happy and design yourself a life that allows you to achieve these goals.

*Top tips(create a weekly schedule clearly blocking time for the activities that ‘add value’ to your life).

What’s the point in living a life that you don’t enjoy?

Live in the Moment!

Picture of my Lovely Spin Class 😀