2 years on and I’m filming once again with the incredible Joe Hickley.

I have exactly 1 week left in Oxford for now and so much to fit in, friends, work, Christmas, family and Training of course. Sometimes I question why I put myself in these situations of such busyness. Then I remember how quickly I become bored. I also find that as soon as I have a lot to do, I build momentum in all areas of my life and this helps move me forwards. “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” I find this is so true, busy people are usually productive and efficient; they don’t just amble through life with little urgency.

One of my aims next year is to stay on this momentous path. I find this is a hell of a lot easier when I have set specific goals. Ideally I want to eliminate the time I spend procrastinating or drifting and instead use this time meaningfully. When spending time on business activities, I want to make sure I have clear objectives, so I am efficient and effective with what I am doing. When meeting with friends, I want to stay present and really value the time I spend with them. And when training, I want to make sure my workouts are productive and focused moving me towards my specific training goals.

I understand it’s very difficult to be productive the whole time, but by having a daily routine, to do list and good time management skills, it’s easy to maximize effectiveness. In the past when I haven’t had specific targets and set fixed dates to achieve certain goals, procrastinating has been incredibly easy and inevitable (something I could have achieved in a week has been dragged out for months.)

For this reason I have now made the decision that I need to set ambitious but realistic end dates for achieving my goals.

2019 is so close now lets all make it our most productive, effective and rewarding year yet, Have goals, set specific dates to achieve these goals and get the results you want.