Prep Round 2

The last couple of months living in Thailand have been incredible. I am now back in Bali and really looking forwards to another brilliant month, in the warmth by the sea.  I have a lot of work to do, but it honesty doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do and can live in an amazing country, surrounded by delicious healthy food and ambitious, positive people.

I am in the place that I so wanted to be in for such a long time!
I have decided to set myself another challenge. I know after my first fitness model comp(last september) I said I would never compete again, I didn’t enjoy the experience and the competition day was far outside my comfort zone. However, 6 months on I have had a strong urge to give it another go…..
I hate doing things half-heartedly and last time I competed, I certainly did that. Even though I managed to get into good shape, my heart wasn’t fully in the competition and for this reason, I didn’t stick 100% to plan and I made the process un-enjoyable for myself.

This time, I feel I am coming from a completely different place, I know what to expect and am fully committed mentally and physically.

Travelling around might make prep slightly more difficult, however I will be in pretty much the best places (Bali and LA) for health and fitness, for these reasons I don’t think it will be too much of a challenge.

I have already found myself a good gym very close to where I am staying in Bali (it has a ice bath, so I look forward to epic training sessions followed by the best recovery!).

I have my lovely coach Lucy Walton, who is a real gem! She is so inspiring and really knows everything there is to know about fitness modelling so I will follow her every-word and plan!

Even though I am a personal trainer, I would strongly recommend to everyone (that plans on competing or reaching there fitness goals) to get a coach. 1. You need to accountability (prep is tough more mentally than anything else- you need the support) 2. Find someone who has been in your shoes and has got results (an expert) 3. Listen to your coach, as they know best.

(Blog post on what to look out for in an affective coach to follow)

The competition I will compete in is on the 27th April; this means that I have exactly 8 weeks. I have been training for years now and am naturally lean all year round, for this reason, I am able to compete and start prep just 8 weeks prior to a competition.This prep period can vary massively, depending on the category you are competing in, the shape you are currently in and muscle mass you have.  Some people may need a year to prepare and others 16weeks, it really does depend on a lot of different factors.

That’s pretty much the news, I am going to be documenting everyday over the next 8 weeks of prep, so you should get a good insight into prep life. If you have any comments or questions, I will be happy to answer them ☺

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