Day1 11/09/2018

Do I look forward to flying ? No way, Do I find it boring yes, is the food really that terrible ? actually nope, its been pretty good and how do I make it through an 18hr flight? to be honest, I don’t really no …… I think endless fidgeting, loo stops, movies and forever waiting for the next round of food and drinks just about keep me going.

Any way after almost a day of flying, we are here! arrived safely in Bali. Ready for round 3. Lets hope Bali lives up to my expectations as it has done in the past. The first 10 days I am not really properly travelling, but rather just holidaying with one of my best friends, she has never been to Bali before, so has the many magical wonders to experience !

After this, I will be onto backpacking life, I have never really backpacked properly and on a budget, so its going to be an eye opening and hopefully incredible experience. Any advice and travel tips along the way is more than welcolme.

Here we go South East Asia, lets see what you have to offer !