I went to my first yoga class when I was studying at uni and to be totally honest with you, it wasn’t a great experience. At that point, I had pretty much made up my mind, that I would never do yoga again. I found it boring and the emphasis on breathing annoying.


2 years later, I was on holiday in Bali. The friend I was with, practiced yoga and Bali is world re-nowned for yoga, the combination of factors lead me to reluctantly attend another class.


At this point, I really didn’t know the first thing about yoga. I assumed yoga was just about physical practice of different positions. Oh how I was so wrong.


That week we ended up going to a variety of different yoga classes (Vinyassa, Ashtanga, Restorative, Yin Yoga) and at the end of each class I felt amazing. Classes were physically challenging and mentally stimulating.


The teachers went above and beyond expectations and would share thought provoking knowledge throughout and at the end of classes.


This was my first glimpse of the power of yoga! And it left me intrigued.


So what did I do about yoga after the trip to Bali?




As is the case for most people, I went back to normal life and didn’t really think about yoga again.


Until November 2017.


Then, what did I do ?


I still did nothing for another 2 months


Anyway,  entering 2018, I set some New Years Resolutions.

The first,  to become a Yoga Teacher.


I imagine in some ways, a yoga teacher training course maybe a little bit like the personal training course. You learn the basics to get by, but really it’s all about the knowledge and experience prior and post course, along with the influential teachers you have, thats creates a good teacher.


So saying that  I am on the look out for a mentor,  I want to become an inspirational teacher and learn as much as I can from the best to achieve this.


Goals : I am going to start practicing, reading and learning as much about yoga as I can over the next couple of months before participating in the teacher training.


For me the physical side of yoga will be the easiest as I am used to extreme and advanced flexibility, gymnastics and handstand positions.


I don’t know much about the mental and spiritual side of yoga though. So I am going to dedicate a significant amount of time to find out as much as I can about this.


I want to become like the yoga teachers I had classes with in Bali and being able to share my knowledge wisdom, experience and passion with others.


‘The starting point of all achievement is desire’ Nepoleon Hill


If you desire something enough, you will make it happen.