Firstly eating oily fish such as mackerel, sardines and my favorite salmon at least twice a week. This will provide you with good sources of vitamin D essential when the sun isn’t shining. The oily fish also provides heaps of omega 3 helping nerves to communicate effectively.

Next nibble on nuts! Nuts such as Brazil and Cashews provide rich sources of selenium. Selenium is shown to decrease negative mood states leaving you feeling happier. So sprinkle some nuts on top of porridge or take a handful as a midmorning snack and you will feel ready to face the day’s challenges.

Stay active outdoors, when the weather is a bit rubbish, the last thing we feel like doing is going outside, however a walk mid day for an hour or so can do us a world of good, a change of environment, being active and the possibility of some vitamin D and a chance to feel replenished, what’s not to like!

Feel energized after iron, eating a small amount of unprocessed red meat such as lean beef, lamb and venison helps protect us against anemia so we don’t struggle with tiredness and fatigue.

And Lastly Chocolate! There is nothing better than really dark chocolate to stimulate your taste buds, offer a hit of antioxidants and provide magnesium healthy for the nervous system. However stay away from milkier chocolate, full of sugars and not much cocoa. I recently went to London and took a visit to my favorite food market ‘Borough market’ (under London bridge) and also visited Rabot 1745 café, they do incredible chocolate products. I couldn’t resist buying their delicious cocoa beans and 100% dark chocolate.