I am beginning to realize I need to take more time to myself and enjoy life, not just work, work, work.


For the last 2/3 months I have been working or at least spending at least 80 hrs at the gym and whilst I am the first to admit a job you love isn’t a job anymore, I have come to realize I do also need to see some daylight.


Pure gym Oxford Central (my home) is a pretty damn good gym for the price you pay and location. The only slight downside when you spend pretty much every waking minute there is it’s a basement gym.


As of next week, I have decided to take Monday morning and Saturdays off. Monday mornings are admittedly for admin, however Saturdays I want to try and see things go places and I guess have a mini weekend!


The danger I always find with taking time off is I don’t actually do anything. I feel if this is the case I may as well be working instead of wasting the time.


I guess for the past 6/7 yrs I have always wondered what direction my life would take me.


I have always been someone with many ideas, but not often a clear plan on how to execute these ideas, I feel that’s changing now and I have a clearer vision on how I will reach my goals.


I read an interesting article recently about an individual who lived his life in regret, in a profession that consumed all his time and 25yrs of his life.


I don’t want to be that person.


I think a lot of people are guilty of leaving their life long plans and dreams until they retire, but by the time you get there, you are inevitably old and probably not quite as able to do everything you could when you said in your 20’s (obviously there are exceptions!)


I often wonder why you would leave everything so late……..I want to live a life as fulfilling as I can and for myself, that’s a life that involves traveling the world, a lot of sports, good food+coffee! and friends and family.


I know everyone has different ideas of an idealist life they would like to live. I urge and challenge you not to become complacent with a life that doesn’t lead you to pursue your dreams.


Give yourself time to do things that you enjoy, live in the moment.


Create a life you can wake up to every day and think I am so lucky to be alive.


“What’s the purpose of living if you don’t go after your dreams?”Samson Reiny