It’s the end of my second week IF doing the 16/8 diets. And this week I have really struggled with it. It is not a difficult diet by any means, as the majority of the time fasting happens during the night, however, I have been eating at very inconsistent times and this has made it extremely difficult for me to achieve the full 16 hour fast. Usually by the time I get to 12pm I feel quite hungry. However some evenings this week I haven’t finished eating until 10/11pm at night. This means to get a full 16 hours fast I would need to hold out until 2 or 3 pm. The problem I have with this is I have been filming around this time. I usually train in the morning and I like to have something to eat after training and before filming. Anyway to summarize things, this week has been disastrous.

Going forwards into week 3 I am going to be a lot more consistent with meal times and try and finish eating 8pm in the evening.

I find I sleep better if I don’t eat quite so late and this means I can then break my fast after training around 12pm.

I think I managed the full 16 hours only 2 days this week. I could lie to you guys and say it’s been a perfect week, but it really hasn’t. Diets can be hard and when you don’t have a kitchen, so eat every meal out and have a lot of social events going on and work commitments in the week, things end up being compromised.

I don’t want to use this as an excuse, as ultimately it’s my own fault that I haven’t stuck to the fast. Next week will be better !