The method I am using for intermittent fasting is the 16/8; this involves fasting for 16 hours and restricting your daily eating hours to an 8hour window. Typically this means you have your last meal at dinner and then skip breakfast the next morning. For example finish eating at 8pm and then don’t start eating again until 12pm the next day. You can however drink non-caloric beverages for example water, tea and coffee without sweetener or milk. This can help to reduce hunger levels.

I have experimented with IF before, but only really done it randomly or for the longest a 2week period. This time I am going to IF for one straight month. I will make sure I fast for a minimum of 16 hours each day and only consume none calorie beverages during my fasting period.

To be totally honest, the days I have tried it in the past, I have found, I am able to be very productive in the morning ( more so than normal) and with the exception of a short period of time where I may feel slightly hungry. After drinking something, this normally subsides.

I think it will probably be the easiest out of all the 6-diets/ food-timing restrictions to stick too. As long as you don’t wake up ridiculously hungry (I make sure I have had an adequate amount of food before starting my fast) by the time I have slept and had a busy morning with a Black coffee or 2, the fast is over.

Obviously its entirely up to you on the time you fast, but I personally find that 8pm – 12pm works best for me as it fits in with my schedule. In the morning, I am generally less hungry too . This is also when I like to have coffee (to give me a morning boost) whereas in the afternoon, I try and restrain from coffee as it affects my sleep later on in the day.

I am currently training around mid day, so I actually will be training in a fasted state and then breaking my fast pretty much immediately after training. This will be intriguing, as I wonder how my energy levels and strength will be when training in a fasted state. My only worry is lacking energy and not being able to have such a productive session as I would have if I had fuelled up prior to training.

I will keep you all updated on the IF journey, any experiences you guys have with it, I would love to hear.

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