New research has suggested Gut Bacteria giving you more energy might also be responsible for your weight gain, regardless of whether you are following a strict diet and training program (Muñiz Pedrogo et al., 2018).

Obviously every one loses weight differently and in different areas, but the recent study suggested that some peoples ability to lose weight may actually be related to their gut bacteria.

First of all, what are gut bacteria ? they are a community of micro-organisms that live in our digestive tract. They can produce enzymes that help break down food particles so we can digest and absorb the food we eat.

So surely this gut bacteria is a good thing ? the study suggests it depends on what type you have……

Apparently people with the bacteria ‘Phascolarctobacterium’ are more likely to be successful in weight loss, whilst those with ‘Dialister’ may have a better ability to use certain carbohydrates however this may actually be the cause of an inability to lose weight.

My own thoughts

Only 26 participants were involved in the study, therefore it’s not a very accurate measure and I don’t think can be applied to the population. And I wouldn’t get too excited, thinking this is the answer to why you are not losing weight! **KEY: YOU NEED TO BE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!

I think a lot more research will need to be conducted before we can blame our gut bacteria for lack of weight loss.


Muñiz Pedrogo, D., Jensen, M., Van Dyke, C., Murray, J., Woods, J., Chen, J., Kashyap, P. and Nehra, V. (2018). Gut Microbial Carbohydrate Metabolism Hinders Weight Loss in Overweight Adults Undergoing Lifestyle Intervention With a Volumetric Diet. Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 93(8), pp.1104-1110.