Life is what you create it to be, there are no short cuts to success, if you want something enough, you will work for it. If that means turning down that party you wanted to go to down on a Friday night, then so be it. Your true friends will understand and stick by you. And those that don’t, clearly aren’t worth your time.

No one else can be responsible for your actions. It’s your actions that lead you to where you are and blaming someone else is not going to solve any problems.

When I first became a Personal training Dec 2016/Jan 2017 I was scared and honestly unsure and unconvinced that this whole PT business thing was going to work out. However I made a choice that I was going to focus every living minute of my day in the gym. The first 2 weeks super quiet, nothing was achieved, my confidence was knocked and I was more unsure and unnerved than ever about the whole PT thing.

Anyway, I gave myself a deadline, by the end of Feb, if things still aren’t working out then I will look to do something else. But in the meantime, 100% will go into the gym. By focusing all my efforts, building the rapport with people in the gym and most importantly being present in the gym from 6am -10pm 6 days a week, I achieved the result I wanted. Yes it was knackering but I went from 1 client in December to being fully booked with 35 hours of PT a week by the beginning of Feb + having to work 15 hours a week for the gym. It was a very steep learning curve and wasn’t easy. I had to get used to writing training programs, nutrition plans, training clients, blogging  and teaching group classes. But I learnt a hell of a lot from the experience and now I look back on it I can see how much I have taken from the whole process. One of the key factors has been that the process was actually more rewarding for me than the end result of that many clients.

I want you to realize how important your journey actually is and often you will find its more rewarding than actually when you reach that goal. I guess I found once the goal was achieved, the sense of purpose was lost to some degree.

I am finding now it’s so important to live in the present and try and love every moment of life. Yes there will be times, you want to give up on something and times you find thing boring. But its actually these ups and downs that make life worth living. Along with the burning desire to never give up on something you want to reach.

If everything is going to be easy, what would be the point? The thing that make’s life interesting is the challenges that we face, the people we meet and the things we learn throughout our journey. And I think this is more valuable and often more important and meaningful than any end goal.

So live in the moment, stay present and most importantly love every aspect of your Journey!