I am so lucky to have chosen to live a life that I absolutely love. I find I work incredibly hard (especially in the gym) and then create the rest of my life exactly how I want it to be. I mean, as everyone experiences, I have days where I don’t feel so inspired and find it difficult to stay on track, but learning how to deal with those days and bring yourself back up is all part of the exciting process.

A lot of people have asked me recently why I have come back to Oxford (Everyone saying Bali and Thailand looked so incredible, why come back.) Yes, they really were, but I also really do love Oxford. I have amazing friends, family and clients here. And as much as laptop life is great and you have so much freedom.

For me it’s all about striking the balance.

In Asia, I spent a lot of time sat down working. I forget, one of the reasons I became a PT was to live that active lifestyle.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Personal training for has became so much more than just a job. It’s a passion, something I love doing. There aren’t many jobs where you can help completely transform a person’s life for the better.

I really value the time I spend with my clients and love being able to help them achieve their goals.

Being back in Oxford allows me to not only continue with online coaching and increasing this aspect of my business, but also allows me to have a base for my clients in the gym.

I work everyday, because my work isn’t a job to me. I am self-employed so the flexible nature of my work means I can jetset as and when I want. I set my own hours. Some days I could be working 17 hour days (clients in gym and online) and other days just 1 or 2 hours. I work from cafes all the time and I literally love the coffee shop hopping life!

I also teach classes in the gym and this is hands down one of my favorite things to do.

My hours are perfect for me. I wake up very early, so I can go in and train at 6am then have a client at 7am, start my online work at 8am have another client 10am and then be finished working by midday.

Life is what you make of it and my lifestyle certainly wouldn’t suit everyone, but its what I have chosen and how I love it.

I urge everyone to create a life that you love. If you can promise yourself one thing, do not SETTLE for a life that is second best. Life is way to short for that.

Always strive for the best and I can guarantee the process will be so rewarding.