Being a personal trainer is something that I have loved more than I could ever have imagined, and I would say the past four years, I have transformed my life basically into my dream. I think back to when I had just graduated from uni 2016 and started my grad job as a food product developer. The only week I would say that I have ever had a job…….. to cut a long story short. I had a grad job for a week then decided it wasn’t for me. One of the girls in my house was a personal trainer, and I got a glimpse of her life. Damn, this was what I wanted. It was that moment; I knew what I wanted to do, and a mere six weeks later, I was a personal trainer.

I would say it was probably one of, if not the best decision I ever made (as cliche as that sounds). From that first day of PTing (actually, it wasn’t until the 2nd month, the first month was December. A note to any new PT do not start in December!! all people care about is mince pies, parties, and Christmas antics). My life opened up.

If you had known me at school, you would probably have said I was somewhat shy, introverted, super skinny, and always training. My life outside training was none existent. Okay, so maybe not that much has changed with the training side of things ( I genuinely will, have, and always loved training). However, my life has massively opened up in all other aspects. I have overcome many barriers that four years ago would have probably given me a heart attack, even thinking about it. Although it’s still only the beginning of the journey, I will undoubtedly face many more challenges and barriers. I feel I have experienced, seen, and grown a lot the past four years from Pting, Travelling, and living a life that I guess is outside what most people would consider the norm. And am forever grateful for the way my life has turned out so far.

Okay, so the intro to this post was a little longer than expected, but I thought it would be good to give a brief background of the past four years or the best four years of my life!

Now onto the reason, I was writing this post.

If you have followed any of my youtube videos, then you will know that I will be starting a Masters at the end of this month. I will be returning to Reading university (where I studied my undergrad) and be studying MSc Food economics and Marketing. It may come as quite a surprise to many after spending the last 2 UK winters in Asia (because I hate cold weather!) And to be honest, I love everything I currently do. Let me tell you the reasons I am doing a master’s degree.

Firstly I want to further my education and need to push myself academically. You can never stop learning, and although you don’t need to go to university to do this. I think it’s the right time and course to help me progress and learn in the areas that I want to develop.
Secondly, In the future, I envisage myself doing postgrad/research in the food-related area, eg, tackling obesity, understand consumers’ choices when it comes to food, and a Masters’s degree is required to be able to do this. I want to create a marketing campaign educating people on the importance, and impact diet plays on health. There are many things wrong with the food industry today. There are countless mixed messaged in the media on diet and health. It’s no wonder with all the misinformation that we (the UK, the world) are in the state we are with our health. I genuinely believe that a lot of this is down to diet. If I could create/ have some positive impact on consumers’ food choices, it would potentially transform lives.

Lastly,with everything going on this year, it doesn’t look like I will be able to travel to Asia, and so really, it is the perfect time to accomplish my goal of doing a master’s degree. I am very excited about it. I love a change of environments and have felt that I need this. As I said, I would usually be traveling to Asia this time, and this always fills me with excitement. I think it’s vital to live a life that excites, challenges, and grows you.

My 5 crucial Pillars of life

  1. Training
  2. Business
  3. Travel
  4. Learning
  5. Excitment

That’s the update 😉

Much love x