In my last post I talked about why I wasn’t doing the OMAD diet anymore (mainly due to the impact on my training). This obviously changes my 6month experiment a little. Instead, I have decided to move straight to the Plant based diet. Now I have tried this out a couple of times before and both times I found it fairly easy at the beginning. A couple of months in and I started to crave red meat. This was probably a result of a lack of iron in the diet. Therefore this time I will make sure I am getting all my micro-nutrients as well as macronutrients. Hopefully this way I wont experience these meat cravings/ potential deficiencies. I will start this in Bali; this is the best place for plant-based food (possibly in the world) as there are so many yummy and healthy options of plant based/vegan restaurants here.

I have my last 5 days in Thailand before I head to Bali on the 26th Feb. So it makes sense to dedicate THE whole of march to plant based!.

I would appreiciate vegan restaurant suggestions for Bali 😀