Again I feel incredibly lucky and so excited to be embarking on a new sporting adventure.


Over the past years since retiring from competitive gymnastics, I have always felt like my life hasn’t been complete.


I am very competitive and incredibly driven and after training 6 days a week for about 9 years with acrobatic gymnastics and competing internationally and representing the Great British team, to then just doing sports training with no particular goals or ambitions, I found it quite challenging. Not in terms of getting up and not wanting to train (because I always want to train!) but in terms of missing having a particular goal to push myself towards and the adrenaline rush and buzz I get from competing.


If acrobatic gymnastics was an individual sport, I would go back to it in a shot, unfortunately its not and instead you rely on finding a partner that’s suitable for you. This is brilliant if you find someone who’s a perfect fit however that can be very difficult, you need someone who is of suitable age, size, skill and ambition to reach the top.


Anyway over the past few years I have been told that I have a very good power to weight ratio and that I could have a lot of potential in other sports and these attributes will hopefully be leading me to my next sporting journey.


I will be training at ‘The Athlete Centre’ in Oxford to hopefully reach my full potential.


I want to train like there’s no tomorrow, push myself to the limits every session and feel and see progression. I want to achieve results and reach my goals and dreams and inspire others to do the same.


I’ve finally realized that sport and training really is my life, I would do it pretty much every living minute if I could.


I live, breath, dream training.


I will be posting my training and progression with you all. And I hope that I am able to inspire you to reach whatever goals you may have.


Train hard and release your true potential.


I’m definitely an all or nothing person and when it comes to chasing what I want, I will put everything I have to achieve it! I urge you to do the same. Don’t live life regretting what you could have done!


Thank you very much to ‘The Athletic Center’ in Oxford very much for providing me with this amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to start training with you guys!


I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have!