This last month has been a roller coaster of a time with a lot of changes, holidays, moves and all kinds of life changing events happening! But this week it feels like I have finely come home. …and its been amazing to be honest! I can’t believe I’m back living in one of the best places in the world (Oxford) of course, I get to train at the amazing Athlete Centre and with such inspirational and motivational coaches, I can street perform when I want, see all my friends who live here and of course visit the best coffee shops around too!

As soon as I decided I would be moving back to Oxford, I was so excited to start looking for somewhere to stay. I’ve got to say this definitely proved a lot more difficult than I expected. Mainly because as soon a room in a house share came up that looked relatively nice, within about 1hr 10 viewings had already been booked for the property. Anyway I ended up viewing about 6 different house shares…. the majority of them unsuitable or not quite what I was looking for, then by luck I managed to find a room right in the heart of Cowley road. It’s such an awesome location thats buzzy pretty much 24/7 with all kinds of restaurants, cafes and bars.

The main reason I’m  writing this post is because  I’ve been heartened by a comment someone left on my website following their trip to Oxford. They managed to get in touch with me and emailed across pictures of me street performing. They also shared their knowledge, experiences from previous travels and their beautiful photography.

So here are some of the the pictures they took.

Thank you.