Exactly 2 weeks until I will be leaving for the adventure of a lifetime! I will be travelling Asia, starting in my favourite place on earth, Bali and then exploring the rest of South East Asia.

I am incredibly excited for this trip and am more than ready for a change of environment getting away from Oxford for a while- although I will miss everyone so much !

Before I leave, I have my main focus I have been working towards for the last 2 months. I am taking part in my first Fitness model competition.

A lot have people have asked me, what is a fitness model competition?

It’s a competition based of asthetics and posing. Yes a lot of people do find this concept a little bit strange, me included, but I have entered for various reasons 1. A challenge, I like competing in things and it’s a type of competition that has always intrigued me 2. To see and understand the process people who prepare for these competitions actually go through (the effects it has on muscle mass and body composition) preparing in 8 weeks. 3. The mental challenge of preparing for this type of competition.

I have to say it has been an interesting experience. So for me the hardest part of prep has been just feeling hungry ….

I think this was toughest around 2 weeks ago when my calorie intake decreased; I went from 2300cal a day to 1700/1800cal a day.

It’s been rather intriguing for me as this week I haven’t actually felt that hungry. However I have noticed that 1. I do feel a lot less energetic and don’t really feel like training. 2. I have noticed my body is reserving a lot more energy, I guess its just natural homeostatic response to intaking less calories. If you would have put me on a 1700cal 8 weeks ago, I wouldn’t have managed. The body really is incredible!

My weight hasn’t actually decreased that much in the whole process, however my body composition has changed quite a bit and I have definitely lost body fat %

I am still yet to experience the last 4 days (these are undoubtedly going to be the most difficult as my water intake is going to be incredibly high and my diet very repetitive and bland !

I am looking forward to the show now and getting it over with too!

Bring on Sunday 😀

(the next post will be on the show and progress pics !)