As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I have changed my training because I am now aiming to compete in triathlons. This means instead of weights training to bulk up and increase my 1 rep max, I am training more cardio and my weights sessions are focusing on musclular endurance (lifting lighter weights for higher repetitions).

To add to my strength and cardio sessions I recently read an article about plyometric training. And have decided this would also be a useful session to add into current training program. I used to do a fair amount of plyometrics when gymnastic training, but then kinda forgot about this form of training….

So what is Plyometrics ?

It’s a type of training where the exercises you do aim to get the muscles exerting maximum force for short periods of time helping to improve speed and power. Example of plyometric training would include jumping lunges or box jumps.

How would it be benifical for triathletes?

  • Improve durability and helps with injury prevention, for example when competing in an ironman, it allows your body to cope better with the pounding from such a long event.
  • The eccentric overloading from the movements help with downhill running and agility
  • Helps improve running form and economy helping decrease ground/contact time allowing you to be lighter and quicker on the feet.
  • Increase speed and power that is benefical especially toward the end of the race.


Plyometric workout

3 Rounds 30sec each exercise

Squat jumps

Jumping lunges

Broad jumps

Tuck jumps

I challenge you to add in a plyometric workout into your training (even just the last 10min of your session!) No equipment needed 😀