Day 3 into the Personal training course, I am really enjoying it although it is a lot more intense than I imagined. Whether that’s because I have kind of got out the mode of studying 8 30- 5 30 !! or because there is actually a lot to learn and loads of assessments…. I’m not quite sure.

To be honest, I should really be completing all this work and studying right now, but it’s my one home study day and probably one of the few opportunities I will get to blog in the next 6 weeks.

Anyway, I feel that it is probably the best personal training course available, hence all the assessments and work, both practical and theory and I guess it is more expensive than other courses, so you do get what you pay for. I am very lucky though because I seem to have a really lovely group of people on the course with me.

The first 2 days have been split into pretty much classroom based study during the morning and practical work on the gym floor in the afternoon. I love the fact we get to actually work in the gym receiving hands-on experience (a lot of the personal training courses don’t give you this) too and it gives us the opportunity to train ourselves as well 😀

Then of course after the 5 30 finish, I train at the athlete centre in the evening. This means I pretty much have to leg it to the other side of oxford  to get to the sessions on time. Obviously, I can’t deal with missing out on my own training, especially CrossFit sessions !

I love being so busy and to be honest, I normally find the more busy I am, the more motivated I feel and the more I end up achieving during the day.

Prior to the course I watched a number of youtube videos and read quite a few Personal trainers blogs and forums and if there is one thing they seem to have in common it’s the fact that you need to be very organised and have the ability to manage your time very well. I think this suits me perfectly because, from my years of being an elite gymnast training 6 days a week and balancing training with school and homework, it certainly taught me how to manage my time effectively.

I know it’s still very early days at the moment with the course and after the 1st day I have to admit I felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of work I had taken on during such a short period of time, but I really do think  I am going to love being a personal trainer. I am so excited to be able to motivate others and help them reach their goals and progress with their fitness. Honestly, I want to learn as much as I can over the next couple of months and hopefully become the best Personal Trainer possible.

I have so much love for the fitness industry and can’t believe that I will actually be working in the area I am so passionate and enthusiastic about!

I would love to hear any questions, comments that you may have and if you are looking for a personal trainer please get in touch!