Now properly into holiday mode, I have only been in Bali for 4 days,  it feels like it could be an age(in a good way).

We stayed in Seminyak the first 3 days and had a lovely relaxing couple of days in Puta villa Hotel and Spa. The hotel had a lovely swimming pool amazing breakfasts and the best of course a well equipped gym with great vibes !

During the day time, after early morning gym sessions and breakfast we ventured into seminyak centre and had amazing coffee at Revlover coffee shop (would highly rcommend if visiting Seminyak.) It’s 100% hipster and the coffee is on point. Yes I do prioritise coffee and when in Bali they honestly have some of the best coffee available, its essential to check it out.

Seminyak’s, a lovely town, located near the beach front with lots of boutique shops, cafes and resturants. I have to say it is rather touristy, but there are also a handful of authentic local indonsian resturants (warungs) around too. And I would much prefer to try the local food rather than western food.

On the 3rd day we were lucky enough to stubble across the local beach festival, it seems people from all over the island had gathered in Seminyak for the occasion they celebrated with food stalls, music and costume. We also went to an epic beach club ‘Potato head’ with an infinity pool on the beachfront. Again this is a very touristy attraction and quite pricey for Bali, but well worth a visit and a great chance to relax, enjoy a cocktail or 2 with amazing views.

Yesterday was our last morning in Seminyak before heading to the jungle area just outside Ubud. (And we are here now for 2 nights) The hotel we are staying in is pretty amazing. FYI my travels will not be like this the rest of the trip. After this first 10 days (holiday period already arranged with my best friend before I decided to go travelling) I will be back packing and hosteling it, so I guess I better make the most of the luxury now before the real adventure begins !

We arrived at our hotel early afternoon and did a little exploring to begin with, wow the views and the infinity pool overlooking the jungle, are breath taking. Then after a relaxing afternoon by the pool, we got the shuttle into Ubud centre. Here we had a  delicious Indonsian buffet, helping ourselves liberally to pile high plates before feeling incredibly full and heading back to the hotel.