Oh I miss Bali and my holiday travels, especially now winter’s on its way and uni is so intense ! I couldn’t resist posting these pics of base camp up Mount Rinjani, wish I could be back in the warmth and sun with my friends!… reminiscing…..



mount r sunny

……. I thought last year was a lot of work at uni and surely this year would be slightly less…. NOPE WRONG, deadline after deadline, the work just seems relentless.  So I’m gunna dedicate this post to effective time management and organisation as I think most people would agree they could definitely do with a bit more of this! Now 6 WEEKS back into uni, I feel I have finally got myself into more of a routine and with that things are  becoming a little easier to manage and keep on top.

My top tips

  1. Prioritize– at the beginning of the day write a to do list and number each point in order of importance. Tick each task off throughout the day, as you complete them and feel a sense of satisfaction!
  2. Create yourself a timetable and try and stick to it! So make realistic, scheduling in breaks to replenish you batteries.
  3. Exercise– remember to fit in regular exercise this will help keep you feeling fresh, even if it’s just a stroll in the park! My favorite is exercise first thing in the morning; I find it’s a great way to wake me up and a good start to a productive day!
  4. Nutrition– eating a healthy balanced diet makes so much different to how you feel, I ♥ fish and it’s brilliant for helping the brain function well.
  5. Striking the right work/life balance once you’ve created your timetable you can see the free time you have to do what ever you like without feeling guilty! Try and do something social with friends and family, a great way to boost the mood.