I’ve just finished my first weights training program ‘Jake Wilsons Project Mass’ and I’ve  really enjoyed it! I definitely feel stronger as result of it. It’s also been the first time I’ve ever had a training partner and whilst I’ve seen positive gains in my physical appearance, I’ve also built up an amazing bond with my training partner (I can’t believe at the start of the program I barely knew her! I can truly say she is one of my best friends now !!) 12 weeks of graft, pretty much religiously sticking to the program and some pretty big challenges along the way and now its finished, I feel genuinely sad. However it’s also the start of exciting things to come, what with Uni finally finished, a holiday booked to Indonesia, and obviously the start of a new training program.

Bring it on !

So my new program is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blueprint to mass …. And it looks brutal, I love a good challenge though !

This time I want to keep a blogging diary of my training, food and progress with you so watch this space! I want to inspire you to get fit, and healthy, as I genuinely believe that if you exercise and eat well you feel 100 times better and have so much energy!

I would love to hear about you’re training too and would happy to answer any questions you may have so leave a comment or send me an email.