I can’t believe another whole week has gone by and what was meant to be week 4 of the program. Sadly I have only managed to complete 1 day of the program for this week as that was the only day I had access to a gym with the equipment I needed to train. Nevertheless I have done my fair share of training in other forms and I think it’s good to mix things up once in a while. I have been doing a lot of different types of yoga this week (I’ve never really tried yoga out before, because I thought it would be really slow and boring !) But not here in Ubud, Yoga capital!! Classes have been quite challenging actually, I’ve really enjoyed it. I have also been on a couple of holiday runs Along the amazing, balmy Balinese rice paddy fields, climbed a mountain on our sunrise trek, been rafting and done a fair share of walking too. So although I haven’t been able to train the Arnold Schwarzenegger program, I hope he would be proud that I’ve managed to keep very active and used all sorts of different muscles throughout the various activities. And I’m hoping this will mean I haven’t lost strength and momentum for when I can get back to training through the program.

Oh the pic is of me and my holiday buddy with our post workout banana juice….. It’s da bomb, so yummy and energising !!!

Happy training and drop me any questions/ comments you may have ????