Now I’ve been back a couple of weeks, I’m pretty much back into ‘normal life’ again. I don’t want to get stuck into a rut of just working though, so I am trying to plan weekends for doing things I enjoy and not just wasting the time I have off.

I think if you plan ahead and make the effort to do things you enjoy. You feel so much better for it. I mean there is nothing wrong with having a couple of hours just to chill, but I for me personally, I get bored very quickly.

And life’s too short to waste time doing nothing.

Anyway, I am hoping to plan a couple of long weekend trips to European cities. I always forget how easy and cheap it is to fly within Europe (well at the moment anyway). I love traveling, seeing and experiencing different cultures. And as much as I would love to keep going back to South East Asia, it’s not realistic for a long weekend.

This last weekend I had one of my best uni friends come to Oxford, it was so lovely to see her and reminded me how important my friends are to me. I want to spend more time catching up with them. It’s so easy to drift a part when you lead a busy life. So I have decided to prioritze time to see friends and I would recommend you do the same!


I would love to hear what European cities you would recommend traveling too 🙂