First of all I want to start with the NO 1 reason why people aren’t doing handstands!

This is because they are embarrassed to fail. By this I mean they are embarrassed of what others might think of them when things don’t go right first time or even in the case of handstands for the first 6 months.

One thing I have been learning over the last 12 months, is that in life you have to level up. And for this, I believe handstands are perfect.

In order to level up we need to find something that challenges us. The HANDSTAND

And the fact that its super cool is obviously a bonus.

Then once we have that challenge, it’s about the journey to getting to that goal. I believe Handstands are both mentally and physically challenging. Therefore to reach the goal you have to put in the work and this is what most people aren’t willing to do. They just want the quick fix.

To achieve a handstand you have to go through so much resilience and you have to be relentless to get past the barrier that others aren’t willing to overcome. It’s your own battle.

And to win the battle you need to stop caring about what others think.

Stop wasting time playing the comparison game with others and fully commit.

Everyone can show up when things are good but what separates the winner (the person who can handstand) from the loser is one who can show up when things are bad, when the going gets tough.


When you stop caring about what others think, you put in the work consistently and persistently, months, years, whatever it takes, you will get to the point where you breakthrough. And in the process you will learn so much more than you could ever imagine.