First of all for anyone not familiar with the OMAD diet, it is meal timing where you eat the entirety of your food/calories in one meal and typically within a 1 hour time period. This means you are fasting 23 hours and then eating 1 hour. As with the intermittent fasting during the fast period you can have beverages as long as they don’t contain calories, for example, water, black coffee and tea without milk or sugar.

My OMAD experience:

Day 1 actually went very well of the OMAD, however this was because I had a lot to eat the previous day and then only trained once. The day was super productive and I had plenty of energy. I didn’t feel hungry at all, and chose to break my fast at 6pm. This is when the problem occurred. Eating all my calories in one sitting was fine, however 1 hour later I was not fine. I felt so incredibly full and unable to move, not a pleasant experience.

Any way- I didn’t feel hungry all night, and actually going into the next day. So I managed to fast 22hours quite easily again. But had the same problem as day 1. Once eating all my food in a 1-hour period, I could barely move. This really didn’t feel pleasant and meant I didn’t want to do anything all evening.

Day 3, I thought I would give this OMAD thing another shot, I actually woke up feeling quite hungry and by the time it got to midday, I gave into a smoothie (post morning workout.). And then it all went down hill. The first 2 days were okay with the fast time, as I was only training once in the day. However day 3 I decided to do a double training session (not good) I felt very hungry all session and it didn’t go well.

This was when I decided this diet was not going to work for me. I don’t mind fasting all day if I am only training once (I can fast all morning, have a good gym session and break my fast after midday). However to fast when completing 2 gym sessions in a day, is not for me. And to stuff my face and not want to do anything all evening because you feel uncomfortably full is not fun.

Yes, I understand there are health benefits of fasting for prolonged periods, but doing the OMAD every day certainly wouldn’t work for me.

The main aim of me trying out these different diets is to increase my productivity and energy levels. However when training (my main priority) is compromised, it’s very clear that I need to change direction.

I would love to hear your experiences with the OMAD and any advice/ tips you have for me J