Over the past couple of years when street performing, the number of people asking me about ‘how I can learn to handstand’ has been quite astonishing! Seems like everyone would love to be able to do a handstand these days!

So, I have decided to created a basic guide of the main areas to focus on when learning how to handstand.

So you are probably thinking, not in a million years am I ever going to be able to handstand, that’s so not true and the first step is having a positive attitude and thinking that actually it may take a lot of practice and hard work but if I put in the effort I too can achieve this cool skill!

So I want to start you off with some of the essentials of hand standing.

The 4 basic steps
▪ Facing the wall
▪ Facing away from the wall
▪ L-Handstand using a wall
▪ Freestanding Handstand work

But first there are a couple of things that you should do to get ready for safe handstand work— First you need to strengthen your wrists, second improve core strength and last but not least work on shoulder mobility.

Below I have listed a couple of exercises that are very important to prepare you for that handstand position.
At this point I don’t want to bombard you with too much information, but if you start practising these exercises you will prepare the body for holding its weight safely.

Core conditioning exercises
1. Laying hip lift (on floor)
2. Hollow holds
3. Glute bridges

Wrist strength and mobility
1. Farmers walks (holding the heaviest dumbbells you can and simply walking with the weights, one in each hand)
2. Squeezing a stress ball.
3. Pulls ups

Shoulder Mobility
1. Stick rotations
2. W’s against the wall

For more information about handstand programs I am running please get in touch and drop me an email to rosie@rosieburr.com
Happy hand standing and I would love to help you achieve your best handstand yet!