The market for gluten free food is growing significantly at the moment as many people looking to eat healthier and feel better are turning gluten free even without being ceolics or having gluten intolerances.

It can be difficult trawling through supermarkets looking at every label just to make sure it doesn’t contain gluten and finding that the gluten free products are often no good and full of a load of additives and laden with sugar!

That’s why I think Freego Food is such a brilliant concept and has hit the nail on the head for gluten free products! This online shop is dedicated predominantly to gluten free foods and by doing that it makes it easy for the gluten free consumer. I found that the website was excellent, it was very easy to use and navigate which can be half the battle when ordering food online and also the amount and variety of gluten free goodies they offered amazed me! I would have never of heard of the majority of them otherwise.

I think its so refreshing to discover that there are so many gluten free products out there and in no way is a gluten free diet limiting anymore! If anything businesses have created amazing and yummy products that are healthy, delicious, nutritious and inventive.

In my first order I wanted to get some of the gluten free baking products such as buckwheat flour and chia seeds. I also ordered flax seed crackers as I love to have something crunchy to snack on and load with yummy fillings and RAW tahini that is so versatile and can be used in a lot of different dishes from savoury to sweet.

The order came promptly and very well packaged and I was so excited to start experimenting with the cooking ingredients. I immediately made buckwheat soda bread as I find the most difficult thing when eating a gluten free diet is the lack of good bread available that is healthy and nutritious without having a ton of sugar and strange ingredients I have never heard of before in it.

I certainly enjoyed all the products from and loved making and experimenting with yummy recipes using all the gluten free ingredients. I found the shopping experience was very easy to follow as a result of the excellent layout of the website. has icons you can select to narrow your search and come up with products that will specifically cater for your personal requirements. This is a very useful feature and can save a lot of time as well trying to find something you might want. I found that the quality of the ingredients were all fantastic too, so would certainly choose them again!

All I can say is thank you very much Freego Foods and I look forward to ordering with you in the future to continue experimenting and trying new, delicious and nutritious ingredients and products especially as you have a whole section on sports/active food products!