My dad has recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease and since the diagnosis it has been difficult trying to find healthy, nutritious and yummy gluten free snacks to last him through the day and provide him with all the energy he needs to do his sports.

When we received the amazing Healthy nibbles box containing all the delicious and healthy goodies that problem was solved!

I too try and stick to eating foods free from any refined sugars and often feel better on a gluten free diet therefore being able to try all the tasty snacks in the box was a real treat!

When we received the box I was so excited to open it! Especially as it looked so inviting with all the goodies wrapped in a layer of tissue paper and finished with a lovely healthy nibbles sticker and hand written postcard. It was such a perfect touch.

The Goodies!

Zendegii fitness bar Hazelnut and Oat WOW is all I can say for this bar, so indulgent and rich and chocolaty and delicious, this bar is all about quality! Its rich chocolate flavor comes from the amazing raw cocoa and only the best ingredients have been used in this bar and you can certainly taste the difference! I thought this bar was perfect pre workout and provided me with heaps of energy.

Eating this bar made me wonder why anyone would chooses an unhealthy snack against something so delicious that is healthy, AND NUTRIENT PACKED!

Percival Snacking Bar

First thing I thought was the packaging was lovely, it was a little brown package that was resealable (very handy if you don’t want to scoff the bar down in one go, although its extremely hard to resist once you have started!) with a fun pink labeling. When I got the bar out the package it looked just as appealing, pinky colour from the cranberries and almonds with a sprinkle of flax seeds on the top. The bar was chewy, sweet from the dates, mildly nutty from the almonds and zingy from the cranberries. Making it a lovely balanced bar to eat. I think this bar would be ideal for an anytime snack and definitely fills a hole when you are craving a little something.

Nookie bar- Almond Butter, Spirulina and Chocolate Chips

This bar really stood out and looked very appealing to the eye, it was a shiny and emerald in colour with yummy melt in the mouth chocolate chunks and it had an earthy and lovely natural taste. It was chewy and quite tacky in texture. The bar was certainly packed full of nutrients and antioxidants from all the ingredients and contained super foods (such as spirilina, wheat grass, coconut oil and good quality cocoa). I thought it was a brilliant bar and really felt like a treat! And I am very excited to try the other Nookie bars! As I have never eaten a bar quite like it!


Tea Pigs Chai tea

I have got to say I was already a big fan of tea pigs, I love the freshness of the different and unusual teas they have to offer and the fact they use whole leaves makes them taste so much better than your average tea bag! However I had never tried their chai tea before. It had an amazing aroma of aromatic spices and I could smell it permeating the air when I first opened the Healthy Nibbles box. The tea combined some of my favorite spices (cardamom pods and cinnamon) so for me I knew it was going to be an instant winner! I infused the tea bag for 3 minutes as instructed and then served with a dash of milk and the flavor of the tea was really fragrant, robust and soothing and reminded me a little bit of Christmas! I imagine it would also be lovely with a squeeze of honey too, as honey works really well with the aromatic spices.

Good Full Stop Bar

Ummmm this bar had a lovely soft fudgy texture and a caramelized mapley toffee flavor. It almost tasted a bit like muscovado sugar, however it was free from refined sugars! So the sweetness came from the dates. I really liked the fact it had a mixture of different nuts in it and the nuts combined with the dates reminded me of the taste of a rich buttery flapjack. It certainly felt like a naughty bar even though it was natural and nutritious and it would definitely be a brilliant bar to satisfy your sugar cravings!

Doves Chocolate Chip Flapjack

This was the only bar out of the healthy nibbles box that I had already tried before, so I already knew that it was a good flapjack. I love the addition of the dark chocolate chips to flapjack as it can often be very sweet but the dark chocolate adds a slight bitterness and also adds a melt in the mouth texture. The bar itself is a lovely golden colour and is nice and chewy a bit gooey and caramelized like a flapjack should be! Great mood boosting energy bar and the oats provide good slow releasing energy.

FRANK Honest Snacking chocolate and blueberry bar is 50% fruit ad 100% natural making it a brilliant healthy snack on the go! It provides you with a good source of protein and fiber and gives you slow releasing energy as it contained ingredients such as dried fruit, wholegrain oats, fruit juice, and Coconut Cream.

I thought the bar had a  velevty smooth fudgy texture and a lovely chocolatey flavour with a strong blueberry tang.

Overall me and my dad thought that the healthy nibbles box provided a really good selection of healthy energy boosting gluten free snacks. That we would certainly recommend to anyone!It was a great opportunity to try bars that we would have otherwise never heard of and lovely to have a variety of different snacks to eat. All we can say is Healthy Nibbles thank you very much !