This stuff tastes absolutely fantastic… think Nutella and then think even better, it’s smooth and creamy texture reminds me of the centre of a Ferrero Rocher, very indulgent but yummy and you don’t have to feel too guilty eating it which is even better !


It has 83% less sugar, is kinder on your teeth and has a lower calorie content than your average chocolate spread but there is definitely no compromise on taste and actually, I would say its better!


It is quite sweet so a smallish dollop on porridge, pancakes or spread on toast really does the job and goes a long way. Although it is pretty addictive, so don’t be surprised if you do end up spooning it out the jar …..

I have also found that it works very well in a post workout shake; as I said a little goes a long way so mix in a heaped teaspoon into milk of your choice (dairy/non- dairy) and blitz with frozen fruit and a protein powder and bobs your uncle, it’s absolutely delicious and nutritious.

I have to admit I am not usually a chocolate spread person and tend to stick to nut butter’s, as you can probably tell from my other blog posts as I am rather obsessed with them! however I think its good to mix things up once in a while and to find a spread like Jimjams that taste so good and has a low sugar content is just fantastic.

I would recommend you try this spread and get as creative as possible with recipes to use it in! It gives you a great energy boost used in recipes pre-workout and is a fab replenishment in recipes post workout so there is definitely a little bit of room for it in your training diet.

And I would love to see what amazing recipes you create using Jimjams spread!

Oh and the jars are a decent size ! so I couldn’t resist doing a bit of hand balancing 😀


You can buy Jim jams in Tesco