I’m a massive fan of this product and use on everything! It’s so versatile! From sliced apple to carrots sticks, to stuffed dates, stirred into porridge and my all time favorite spread liberally on oatcakes with the almond butter, topped with sliced banana and a pinch of cinnamon… just YUM! (And its a great nutrient packed snack especially pre workout and before a run providing you with long sustained energy.)

This nut butter has a lovely subtle and mildly sweet flavor, it’s made from 100% almonds and with NO added sugar!! And it’s brilliant for stabilizing blood sugar levels and keeping away sugar cravings. It comes in 2 variety’s ‘smooth’ or ‘crunchy’ and both are ever so tasty. And its all Natural!

Key Nutrients and ingredients

Almonds– Almonds are the most nutrient dense nut being rich in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium. They also provide a good source of protein and healthy fats with 80% of the fat mono- and poly-unsaturated.

Almonds have also been shown to have some pretty amazing affects on the heart lowering total cholesterol.