Where were you before training with Rosie:

Before rosie I was stuck in my progressions of feeling strength and fluidity in my handstand presses, limbers, backbend contortion balances and one arms. I was feeling frustrated in that I was doing work but not getting the growth.

I wanted to achieve the ability to find balance and flexibility in harmony and develop my one arm handstands and deeper more fluid contortion backbend practice and leg flexibility.

How does your life look now?

Physically I feel much more connected to my practice and centred in my practice. Movement skills are growing and my balance of flexibility and strength is much more harmonious.

My results have been growth beyond my wildest dreams doing more advanced skills then I thought possible at nearly age 38 and no background in gymnastics or dance only online training at home starting at age 30 after my daughter.

What would you tell someone who is considering training with Rosie?

I would say she is an incredibly sweet human, with amazing knowledge and training abilities to take you to your next level. The only thing you have to do is put in the work.

Any other comments:

Thank you Rosie for believing in me and your incredible training. You prove that results can occur with intelligent programs, hardwork and knowledge being applied to each body correctly no matter age or experience.

Rhyanna Watson

How did you feel before working with Rosie? Unfit, inflexible and generally unhealthy

What did you want to achieve? General fitness improvement and weight loss

What did you do to try and get to your goal and why wasn’t it working? I’d done well with significant weight loss and a decent regimen of cardio exercise – but I had plateaued in terms of weight loss and needed guidance

What were your struggles before starting training with Rosie? My flexibility was poor, and a variety of long term injuries/imbalances affected my ability to train successfully.

How does your life look now?

How do you feel (physically, mentally) I am in better shape physically than for the past twenty years – I’m substantially more flexible and many long time aches and pains that had become a normal part of life have disappeared. Mentally I feel better able to cope with challenges.

What results have you achieved? Significant weight loss, excellent blood pressure and at rest heart rate, far better flexibility

What would you tell someone who’s considering training with Rosie? Rosie has done an excellent job of guiding my exercise regimen – from an initial focus on weight loss and fitness to one more focused today on flexibility and strength that matched my changing goals. She pushes clients so that they can get the most out of training, but has always been careful to avoid injury. She listens and thinks carefully about how to deal with my limitations in each exercise programme. Her past excellence as an athlete comes through in her determination and skills, but is matched with a keen understanding of what the client wants and requires.

Ken Okamura

I was training at Pure Gym Central before with my then trainer . I started on on small free weights and deadlifts.

I was with my then trainer  for 3 years and thought I want to  do more with my flexibility and weightless journey. I felt at the time I had achieved what I could achieve with that trainer.

I was doing OK at 130 KG deadline but could not lift any higher and I was getting frustrated with this training I also

struggle with my weight and at 53 flexibility.

How my life looks now it is a lot better than when I started my sport and life style changes with Rosie.  I have lost over a stone and a half in weight not sure in KG and my flexibility and movement in every day life has improved 100 percent! Handstands are coming along I never of thought at my age I would be doing something like this.

I would recommend Rosie as a trainer at all levels. I will say flexibility training is not easy even though sometimes it looks that way. However as I said earlier this type of training helps in every day life and would give it a go. I would say Rosie is a hard but fair trainer and practice what she preaches. She will also listen to what you say which is the most important thing to reach your own goals.

John Herron