New year, New Video

A New year and very exciting things to come, the video was shot at the amazing Athlete Centre in Oxford (seriously everyone needs to try training here !) by the brilliant Joe Hickey Visions. Thanks so much guys :D  

New year, New Video2017-01-01T14:30:27+00:00

Short Hand Balancing routine

I made this video around christmas time for a project I was working on at uni, check it out :) ....

Short Hand Balancing routine2016-08-23T08:46:20+01:00

Handstands to Bruises by Chairlift

In homage to the original 'Handstands to Bruises by Chairlift with Tara Stiles' I decided to do my own version. Filmed in several central Oxford locations and featuring an impromptu performance in Zappi's Bike Café in the final frames. Music - Bruises by Chairlift - buy here

Handstands to Bruises by Chairlift2015-06-08T07:23:26+01:00
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