I feel like all my blogs start with I haven’t written a blog post in a while! I will be the first to admit they are relatively spontaneous and have to be a spur-of-the-moment thing.

But today is one of those days I have felt inspired to write, so here we go……

It is quite an in-depth post today and possibly a little bit along the spiritual path, but actually, I have been meaning to write about it for some time as I am experiencing this first hand, more so every day. It’s like magic!

This so-called ‘phenomemum’ is that ‘all is mind.’ Since starting my journey to create or design MY perfect life, I believe that the most significant factor in doing so exists within the power to control our mind.

We can interpret and integrate anything in our imagination into the so-called physical world (our five sensory world) with our minds.

Okay, I get it; you probably think this is somewhat abstract; far out, esoteric….. you name it. But once you start to work on controlling the mind and align all aspects of your life with your imagination and what you want to create, you will see that the concept is not so ‘far-fetched’ after-all. You really can create what you desire, and it does come down to being able to control your mind.

If there is something that we truly desire? And we fully commit to bringing it forward from our imagination to reality; then our mind goes into action to do so. All we have to do is remove limiting beliefs and overcome the fear that stands in our way (often easier said than done), but through doing so, we can bring forth what we imagine, what we desire.

All things already exist, and all items are individual expressions of the one mind.

What is meant by this is that the outer world (externalised physical world/ reality/ 5 sensory world) is an expression of our inner world (our mind or imagination.)

Therefore if we can place ourselves in harmony with our vision or imagination, we will be taking the steps necessary to create it and will be stripping away the limiting beliefs we may have standing in our way. It is incredible and inspiring to think this way and see the power of the mind and how it works before our very eyes.

A slightly more straightforward way to understand the concept of ‘all is mind’ is that your thinking affects the actions you take, and these actions will produce the results you want. If you have negative and disempowering fear-based thoughts, this will reflect in your actions and affect your results. Meaning it’s probably unlikely you will achieve what you want.

Whereas if you think in favorable terms, you are likely to feel empowered and take the right action towards what you want. Through practicing positivity and surrounding yourself with empowering information, thoughts, people, you control and direct your mind to your purpose. As with anything, it might not always be comfortable at the beginning. But as this positivity and mindset become a habit, we become very aware of the information we choose to consume, the people we choose to be around, and understand that these factors significantly impact the life we want to create.

It all comes from being able to control our minds. Once we start to compound positive thoughts, we can maintain and direct your mind to our desire.

Because our thoughts drive our actions and might not always be mutually beneficial to us, we want to systematically change our thinking, which is why the information we choose to consume is so important.

One thing I think has helped me do this is to ask myself, ‘how do I see reality at this moment in time?’.

If the answer is negative, then this will be reflected outward into what I do. In contrast, if positive and abundant with opportunity, I see all the possibilities in front of my eyes, and it’s incredible!

We can control our minds to think and have whatever we want in life.

Focus on being present and aware and realise the external world is a projection of our internal state.

“All problems are illusions of the mind” Echhart Tolle