Its been a while … to say the least since I last blogged!

Anyway, today time to get back to it and to start a weekly post.

I wanted to talk about something that I think is absolutely vital. Especially in today’s world where we have endless distractions. This topic is developing and cultivating willpower and concentration. I believe this is key and at the center of every activity we do and all areas of our lives.

We live in a world and have so much opportunity, these days it is so easy to become sidetracked from the things that we know we have to do to produce the results.

So what we need to be able to do is to identify the key areas/tasks we need to focus on (not become sidetracked)  until the task at hand is complete.

How we can do this? Through cultivating higher willpower and concentration.

Willpower is one of the most important factors that determine our success.

Strength of mind is determined by willpower- and this is our ability to focus on the elements related to our vision.

We need to identify where the areas we currently lack focus are and what action we can take to get ourselves to become more focused?

Much of this is down to having a degree of awareness. This means being able to catch ourselves when we become distracted. Then being able to converse with ourselves and ask WHY am I being distracted and cultivate the skill to be able to switch our attention back to the task at hand.

YES, it can be a constant battle.

BUT Every day we have the opportunity to train our willpower.

For example, we have the opportunity to practice willpower in our morning routine. When we focus on one task at a time until completion.

In order to cultivate willpower we need to do the below:

1. Breaking off bad habits- make a decision to work on removing bad habits and make the decision (this is a life long journey) to remove these bad habits- instead replace bad habits with good habits. Remember when we submit to a bad habit- the result is usually devastating- it lowers our self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. Instead through replacing with a good habit, we can attract the right (empowering) people through high self-esteem and self-worth.

2. Form good habits- get rid of bad habits- we now have space to put in good habits. We want to form new habits- That lead us in an intelligent direction towards our purpose. Remember how you do one thing is how you do everything. So if you have a hard time staying disciplined and choosing eg right foods- then you probably have a hard time with other areas in your life. Feed yourself with the good habits to do the things that are essential to moving you towards your vision.

3. Give attention to being present. One of the biggest areas that leads us astray is a distraction. Everyone gives in to distractions- BUT you have the opportunity to recalibrate your attention. Remember you can train yourself and catch yourself when your attention goes away. By remaining present and focusing on the task at hand, you are developing attention. We want to work on the singleness of purpose and intense concentration of the mind.

4. Do at once whatever has to be done and sequence things into tasks- remember to tackle ONE thing at a time! Nothing should be put off to another time. Opportunities are multiplied as they are ceased.

5. Live by rule- And develop your own principles in life, for example, decide what you should eat or drink or what exercise you should do, who you choose to spend your time with, and live by these principles you set for yourself. (I would strongly suggest reading Principles By Ray Dalio) acquire the principles that will lead you to the right decision and will help you determine where to focus your attention.

6. Control the tongue- Remember words have the power to create reality- therefore what you say has influence- when we communicate with others we are communicating our intent and it is programming our subconscious mind. We want to be able to articulate eloquently and communicate with fluidity.

7. Control the mind- this is one of the most important areas to develop SELF CONTROL or SELF MASTERY- we want to be able to solve problems and catch ourselves if we are drifting away from our purpose. Through self-control, we can re-calibrate ourselves back to our vision- and through doing this we are training the will and cultivating concentration.

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.’