We all have fears and often those fears hold us back from doing the things that we really want to accomplish. Fears are scary, they are challenging and they demand a lot of energy, from a place that we feel uncomfortable.

However overcoming fears- means that we can evolve and grow. We can rise up and become or work towards becoming the person that we want to become. If we are constantly working from a place of ease, everything in life becomes boring. We are not challenging ourselves and we are not reaching the potential that we have within us.

Yes, we may feel like everything in good, but why strive for ‘good’ when you could have incredible. I mean who wants to be just average or live an average life.

Personally I want to lead a life full of excitement, adventure and challenge. Its far more rewarding for me to do things that I find difficult than mosey through life, doing things that never push me. Why? Because I know if I just mosey through life, there will be so much that I have missed out on.

An example of when I faced my fears was during the Peter Jones Entrepreneur course when I was 17. I have to say this course was one of the most valuable years of my life and this is all down to the fact I had to face and overcome so many of my greatest fears. One of them is giving presentations. At the beginning of the course, I was honestly so scared to give a presentation, I didn’t want to show up for the day and present and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. But through facing my fears and I have to admit pretty much using every ounce of courage, I managed to overcome and actually start to enjoy giving presentations. I felt that my confidence increased and it’s been so beneficial in my everyday life.

Yes, we all have to do things we don’t want to do in life and its only natural that we don’t want to place ourselves in situations, where we feel we might fail. But in order to succeed we need to break through our terror barriers. One of my favourite videos is Bob Proctors ‘ terror barrier’ this clearly describes how to overcome those fears and the reward you will feel the when you do.

You need to do something scared, and then expect to be faced with challenge (the enemy) and then in order to succeed, keep your eyes on the prize (what you want to achieve, the outcome you desire).

After all, there is only one way to the other side and that’s through facing the challenges, your fears.

Understand that fear and growth go hand in hand.

Next post I will talk about the conscious and subconscious mind when it comes to overcoming our fears.