Committed people make things happen- they don’t say they are 100% committed and then fail to take action. They don;t make excuses, instead they create solutions and see opportunity. The most common excuse with commitment is money. If you really say you are 100% committed, I can tell you now, money will not be an [...]


Month 1 intermittent Fasting 16:8 diet

I am not going to lie to you guys, this month of intermittent fasting has been very inconsistent. As I said in my last post, it is not a difficult diet to follow if you have a consistent daily pattern. This is because the majority of the fasting can be done over night and then [...]

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Facing your Fears

We all have fears and often those fears hold us back from doing the things that we really want to accomplish. Fears are scary, they are challenging and they demand a lot of energy, from a place that we feel uncomfortable. However overcoming fears- means that we can evolve and grow. We can rise up [...]

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Back in Oxford

I have now been back in Oxford for just half a day, I arrived and moved into Oxford yesterday evening and its now 8.30am Thursday morning. I am in such a good mood at the moment. So far I have trained, journallled, seen so many of my favorite people at the gym and responded to [...]

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Handstands to Bruises by Chairlift

In homage to the original 'Handstands to Bruises by Chairlift with Tara Stiles' I decided to do my own version. Filmed in several central Oxford locations and featuring an impromptu performance in Zappi's Bike Café in the final frames. Music - Bruises by Chairlift - buy here

Handstands to Bruises by Chairlift2015-06-08T07:23:26+01:00
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