Despite the fact uni is so busy at the moment (typical 3rd year heavy workload and a lot of group work…) I’m actually quite enjoying it! The modules are somehow quite interesting and me being a fitness fanatic, I love going to the gym as a nice break away from work. To add to this, I now have a training partner! (I would urge anyone to find one. I always thought I was motivated when it came to fitness but having a gym buddy just makes it so much more enjoyable and you can challenge each other to work that bit harder.)

Anyway this next recipe was inspired by one of my gym friends after seeing an amazing pic that she posted on Instagram of her delicious protein pancakes!

Of course I had to ask for the recipe and give them ago myself.

As always I didn’t quite have the same ingredients she used so I made a variation on her recipe.

And considering it was the first time I had made protein pancakes and it was 5 30 in the morning before a training session, they didn’t turn out too badly!

Protein Pancakes


1 tbsp brown rice flour (or oat flour or almond flour)

1/3 tsp baking powder

1 egg

25g scoop protein powder (I used protein dynamix chocolate brownie)

40g natural yogurt



100g mixed berries

1tsp almond butter heaped!


First crack the egg into a bowl and whisk, then add all the other ingredients and mix until smooth.

Heat a non-stick pan and add one tablespoon of the mix to make your first pancake. When bubbles start to form, flip the pancake over and cook for a further minute the other side. Then place on a plate and sprinkle over some berries. Start to cook your next pancake in the same way and when done place on top of the 1st pancake and berries and repeat until you have used all the mixture up.


I made 5 pancakes and stacked each one on top of the next with a layer of berries in-between each one. Then on the final pancake I topped with berries and pip and nut almond butter! …. Heaven on a plate.




You can pretty much use ay variation of toppings for the pancakes and here are some yummy pics of them …..      pancakes protein    IMG_1656  IMG_1598