The first 3days of veganism has actually gone really well for me, being In Ubud has significantly helped especially given the amazing restaurants that we have been too that have a wide variety of vegan foods to choose from! The only slight difficultly had been with breakfast, we are staying in a homestay at the moment where they only have a limited choice of breakfast options, unfortunately only the fruit salad being vegan ….. And I do love fruit salad but I definitely need some carbs and protein to go with it ! So being faced with a menu that has yummy banana pancakes but knowing they contain egg is rather devastating !! So I decided to have the fruit salad and then we went to balibudda and had some amazing vegan banana pancakes with caramelised pineapple and coconut as a 2nd breakfast ????. I was rather spoilt after all and couldn’t really complain. 
I haven’t had one bad meal yet, so hopefully that will continue and then I really won’t be missing out on meat and fish ???? 

I have tried to have quite a lot of tofu and tempuh just to get enough protein into my diet and so far other than feeling very sleep deprived from sleeping terribly, I don’t feel any worse off on a vegan diet. 
Here are a couple of the meals I’ve eaten ….