I have decided to go on an 6 week cut. I had been bulking up for over a year (the last 6months have been maintenance) and managed to put on about 12kg and have been pretty pleased with how it has gone. However I now want to lose body fat percentage to get my best ever 6pack and lose my chubby cheeks!

I am always very motivated to train, but for me when it comes to sticking to a diet (involving calorie restriction) I find it a lot more difficult. I am actually alright with diets during the day, as I am often doing other things and don’t feel so hungry, but when evening strikes, I have an overwhelming hunger and could demolish an entire weeks food shop in one evening.

During my bulk, I was used to consuming 3000cal a day (maintenance roughly 2500cal).

The first 2 weeks of my cut, I am going to be consuming 1900cal a day. So it will be a bit of a shock to the system.

As well as tracking my calories, I will also be tracking my macronutrient intake (amount of Protein, Carbohydrate and Fats consumed) this is very important when determining body composition. Anyone wanting to lose weight should think about increasing the protein intake. Protein can help you feel fuller for longer (less hungry when cutting) and also helps maintain muscle mass when cutting.

To make the cut as pain free as possible, I am going to stick to Flexible dieting: IIFYM (if it fits your macros). This means you don’t have to be so restrictive on the types of food you eat. As long as you are meeting your macro and calorie intake –(A blog post on IIFYM to follow ). Obviously its good to eat healthy food that is full of nutrients, but if you feel like having a chocolate bar and it fits into your macros, then so be it.

Personally I find I feel better with carb heavy diet and slightly less fat, so my macro split will be Carbs 50% Protein 30% Fats 20% This split works out at 234g Carbs 144g Protein and 43g Fat a day making up my 1900cals. I will be using ‘myfitnesspal’ to track my intake. and will post regular blogs and vlogs about the foods I am eating and how I am finding sticking to my diet.


In terms of training, I am going to follow a program consisting of a 6 day split :


Day 1 Chest and Back

Day 2 Legs

Day 3 Arms

Day 4 Chest and Back

Day 5 Legs

Day 6 Shoulders and Delts


Cardio 3-4 times a week


Start date of my cut is Monday 7th May

End date of cut Sunday 17th June


Follow my cutting journey and drop me any questions you have 🙂