Everyone is capable to achieve exactly what they want in life, it’s all about the mindset and if you are ready for it.

As I a laying here in the beautiful warm sunshine of Bali, I ask myself how did I get here, why am I so lucky to be here living my dream, I’m listening to my favourite music, training as and when I want, eating incredible food that makes me feel alive and energetic and most importantly evolving and learning so much as a person. It’s said we are happiest when we are in a state of ‘Flow’ and to be in a state of ‘Flow’ we need to be doing something that is challenging and skillful. This is why learning is and has been so important for me since I’ve been in Asia. – learning from books, learning from people, learning from my experiences.

Why am I so lucky to be where you are, I am not lucky, it is the path I have chosen to take, the journey I wanted for myself. There have been so many difficult times, and times that I used to look back on and regret. I now see they are not regrets, I have no regrets. If I hadn’t of made one small choics in my past, I wouldn’t have been where I am now.

I have realized so much since I have been in Asia, I have met the most incredible people, people who have changed my perception of life, opened my eyes to new concepts, realities, freedom and the truth of life.

Now, I can truly say you are what you believe. You are 100% responsible for everything in your life. And you become what you think about – where your attention goes, your mind flows.

I honestly want everyone to realize this beautiful reality and simple secret.

I am absolutely loving every minute of my journey and am so excited for every minute of everyday. I love writing, I love learning, I love meeting people, I love working out, I love the sun and sea and I love helping people achieve handstands.

I am learning to really focus on things as I am doing them, not trying to multitask. Now this might sound a little strange to you guys, surely multitasking is good right ? No you can get much more out of simply focusing on one thing, the most important thing you are doing at that particular time. This is something I have really struggled to do in the past and as my mind wonders to so many different places.

Now if I am talking to someone, my complete attention is with that person and listening and connecting to them.

If I am reading or writing that is exactly what I am doing, not texting at the same time. I am being present in the moment and finding out how rewarding this is.

I can go on a walk and connect with nature and admire the beauty that surrounds me.

If you have read this post and been doing something else at the same time, I ask you to please reread it and give it your full attention. I will go into more depth or some of the concepts I have explained in further posts.

Have an amazing day and live every minute of it.