I’m not sure if I’ve become significantly stronger in the space of a week, or just got used to the program now, but I’m not complaining because this week has definitely been easier than the last. I feel like the sessions have become a lot more efficient, most probably because I’ve got used to the kind of exercises that I have to do allowing me to work through them quicker.


The only down side of my training this week would be the inconsistency of training times! I usually like to train first thing in the morning, I find that it sets me up for the day, putting me in a good mood and I’ve also got used to the usual familiar faces I see everyday when training at the same time which I quite like.


I would recommend to everyone to plan/set aside a specific time each day to train, this way it just becomes part of your daily routine and you don’t overthink whether you can really be bothered to train or not! I think this ability to overthink is a key barrier a lot of people face when it comes to consistency in training.


In terms of food intake this week, it’s been pretty similar to last weeks typical meal plan; obviously I vary the meals and snacks though. So I eat 3 main meals and 3 snacks each day at regular intervals so I maintain my energy levels.


Happy training!